July 31, 2020

COGIC General Assembly: The Ruling Body

It is time to pay attention to those who are elected or appointed to the various offices in the Church of God in Christ.  We have tyrants whose main interest is money and ruling with an iron hand.

There is Kurt Thompson in Houston who has now filed a lawsuit against Bishop R. Kyles for attempting to take his lawful, rightful place as Pastor of his local church.   Kurt Thompson is the same person who allegedly defrauded a grieving mother whose three children died in a fire.  Kurt Thompson allegedly falsified documents to get at the insurance money.

In his petition he continues the half-truths, lies and deceit which those from the General Secretary, the General Assembly, the Board of Bishops and the General Board have all become proficient doing. Read Petition

This filters down to some of the jurisdictional bishops like Bishop James Scott of Tennessee.  Who has persecuted Pastor Michael Cummings without merit or mercy.  Just as Jezebel found false witnesses, they found false witnesses against Christ, these minions will and have lied for personal gain.  (More on this sad case later)

There is no protection for the average member; there is no one at the national level who will help.  The laws that do exist are perverted in their application.

Even when you follow the letter of the law, they do as Bishop Scott did; they plunge the dagger of deception into the backs of anyone who does not bow down and then run squealing to their friends in high places crying woe is me I was treated so unfair.

There is No justice in the Church of God in Christ, it is mismanaged through cronyism and back room deals.

We must demand integrity of our leaders, we must demand accountability.

June 19, 2020

Persecution From Those Who Lead

Much like the brutality that is being played out in the news today, the abuse of church members who for various reasons find themselves in the sites of their leaders.  When questioned, these leaders use deceit and partial truths to justify their actions.  They rely on a lack of knowledge and the fact that many are reluctant to question their leader.  This is plain and simply fear.  These leaders rule by fear, they want you to be too afraid to even question them.

On paper, COGIC has laws in place that should prevent this type of abuse, but because of cronyism it is very rare for any leader to be punished.  Even in the face of documented evidence it is rare.  This gives us a system with no real accountability.  When the Presiding Bishop has had charges pending against him for four years, when a General Board member from Memphis has charges against him, with no action.  When a bishop in Memphis unlawfully excommunicates members and then sues them to recover money legitimately spent on the ministry, and he brags about it. When a pastor in California fraudulently sells church property and the bishop does nothing.  This leads to abuse and a brazen, I can do whatever I want attitude.

In Houston Texas, a close friend of the Presiding Bishop, welched on repaying $45,000 of personal loans from the man he is actively, in defiance of the COGIC Supreme Court, trying to strip away a 34 1/2 years of work.  You may ask why isn’t the church law being enforced.  Because in COGIC the bishop enforces the law and the rulings of the courts.  When the bishop himself is the lawbreaker, they will not punish themselves.  However, they will descend on the average person like riot police at a protest.

I know a deacon raised in Mississippi who said, “I was Jim Crowed in the south, I didn’t come to the church to be Jim Crowed”.  That is it in a nut shell, there are those in COGIC leadership which Jim Crows its own members.

June 21, 2019

COGIC Impeachment Petition

There has been a Petition for the impeachment of a C.O.G.I.C Judiciary Board justice filed last week.  After reading through it I was glad to see the author of that petition followed the Word of God before he filed it.  He went to his brother and was rebuffed, he then took at least two witnesses and was again rebuffed.  Finally as was said in the petition they are now in the third phase.

Click here to read the statement of purpose

Click here to read the petition


October 8, 2018




Do the right thing

Written by Steve Jamison

The real question is, why are we so easily intimidated by the office of Presiding Bishop? Why are we willing to be controlled and manipulated by someone who works for us? Instead of him being our willing servant, we are his unwilling slaves. We treat the office as deity, acting as if somehow it makes its occupant infallible. Causing almost every presiding Bishop in my lifetime to take on warlock like qualities. Whenever men are ruled by fear and intimidation it is the same as witchcraft. How did this happen, where did we go wrong, and what do we need to do to correct this calamity?

I believe the problem can be traced back to the death of Bishop Mason. Bishop Mason was a powerful man of God, one who caused the church to focus on Jesus. By doing so he kept the church Christ centered, causing the spirit of the Lord to have the preeminence in our activities both business and spiritual. He was not a self-centered leader but was a builder of other men. Under his selfless leadership the church grew, covering the entire nation and the world in a short while. Upon his death certain unprepared men were thrust into leadership. Not knowing what to do they proceeded to make a comedy of errors. The major error being, placing the dead body of Bishop Mason in our place of worship. They unwittingly opened a spiritual door that would lead us in to decades of Idolatry and man worship. They knew Bishop Mason could hear from God, they knew he was an anointed leader. And some how they transferred the spiritual qualities he personally possessed to the position of presiding Bishop, assuming anyone in that position would possess the same spiritual qualities. Therefore, the office of Presiding Bishop has become synonymous with the Voice of God. However, although these men were given the position of presiding Bishop, they lacked the spiritual capacity to assume the authority, which led to abuse of powers and tyrannical leadership. This begin the era in the church where we began placing more emphasis on positions then piety. In fact, having and getting positions has become the major ambition of the saints. We began to strive for them and fight over them. We love the seats on the platform high above everyone else. We crated a class system around positions. Your value in the church is determined by the position you hold or your parent held. There are different rules and rights afforded to you as you rise in class. Although we are admonished in scripture to honor leadership, we have turned leadership into a privileged class, causing animosity where fellowship should abide.

This is no one’s fault in particular, but simply reflects the nature of fallen man. Man will find something to worship other than God, in this case it is the dead body of our sainted founder. When Moses died, God had to hide his body from the Israelite’s to prevent them from building a monument to him and forgetting the real goal of possessing the promised land. This can also be seen at the Mount of Transfiguration, when Peter made the fatal mistake of placing Moses and Elijah on the same level with Jesus. The Scripture says they fell as dead men. I believe God killed them to show His disdain for what Peter was intimating. Jesus brought them back to life. At which point God said to them this is my beloved son hear ye him. It is always a death sentence spiritually when we place mortal men equal to or above Jesus. I have noticed, in many of our contemporary COGIC churches we will make more noise and commotion over the pastor then for Jesus.

God did not want what he had done through Moses to over shadow what he wanted to do through Jesus. Neither does He want what he has done through Bishop Mason to over shadow what He intends to do through Jesus and the collective on going spiritual leadership of the Church of God in Christ. Therefore he had to take Moses body out of their site and reach. When Sarah died Abraham sought for a place to bury her, saying specifically that I might bury my dead out of my sight, insinuating the dead does not belong among the living. This does not mean we forget or disrespect what our forefathers did, instead we should seek God for the ability to hear His voice for our generation, as they did for theirs, building on the foundation delivered to us. Therefore we are experiencing the culmination of the bad decisions of those good but misled men who did not hear the voice of God. Let us correct this problem, by taking the dead body of our sainted founder out of our place of worship, out of our place of life, and build a suitable resting place for Bishop Mason. One befitting his contribution and labor to the church and the world, and let us return to being the spirit led church God intended us to be.



January 26, 2018

The Scattered Flock

We members of the Body of Christ, have become so enamored with our leaders, we have contributed to their deception as many of them believe they are the reason ministries flourish. The shepherds now think they are the most important creatures in the sheep fold.

Many of those who are members of the flock no longer like to be referred to as sheep because of the negative connotations associated with being sheep. Perhaps they view sheep as being dumb and weak. A member of the General Board has even referred to the people as “dumb sheep”. Sheep are not dumb, they know there is strength in numbers and they flee from danger. They know when they are separated from the rest of the flock they are vulnerable to predators.

Both shepherds and the sheep have lost sight of the Chief Shepherd.

The under shepherds have forgotten, it is not the shepherd who increases the number in the flock, sheep begat sheep. They only reproduce when they are protected, since running and banding together is their only form of defense. Some of those charged with protecting the flocks have become predators. They gnash at the sheep with their words, instead of leading they try to drive them.  They use a few selected guard dogs to “keep the sheep in line” because the sheep are afraid of the dogs. They view them as a predator which is why they band together and run away.

The shepherd experiences increase only when the sheep increase. A well fed, protected and healthy flock produces wool which the shepherd can gather, sell and then purchase things which benefit the shepherd. When sheep are protected, fed, healthy, and have their wounds healed they produce wool as well as increase their numbers which is how the shepherd experiences increase.

Jesus said “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” Feeding and nourishment in the life giving Word of God cause sheep to increase in numbers and freely give of their wool. As the Chief Shepherd, Jesus has given the under shepherd the right to live off what sheep produce. If you as a shepherd are experiencing lack it is not the fault of a well-protected, nourished and loved flock. It is because they are not protected, they sense a predator in their midst. GOD said;

“… “surely because My flock became a prey, and My flock became food for every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, nor did My shepherds search for My flock, but the shepherds fed themselves and did not feed My flock”—therefore, O shepherds, hear the word of the Lord! Thus says the Lord God: “Behold, I am against the shepherds, and I will require My flock at their hand; I will cause them to cease feeding the sheep, and the shepherds shall feed themselves no more; for I will deliver My flock from their mouths, that they may no longer be food for them.”” (Ezekiel 34:8–10, NKJV)

In many cases the shepherd themselves have become the predator. When your flock is getting smaller, they are not being nourished; they have become prey or as GOD said in Jerimiah 10:21,”…the shepherd has become dull- hearted…” GOD also said;

A voice of the cry of the shepherds, And a wailing of the leaders to the flock will be heard. For the Lord has plundered their pasture,” (Jeremiah 25:36, NKJV)

You say the people are not coming, the people are not giving, I ask is GOD plundering your pasture because you have made his flock prey for yourself and other predators

Elder R. E. Stidham

December 28, 2017

Williams Temple Has Been Set Free

Presenting the newly appointed Pastor Craig Carter, and the First Lady of Williams Temple in Houston, Texas.  With the love of the members and the Word of God we are looking for great things to happen at Williams Temple.


September 29, 2017


In a stunning display of the Love of Money, COGIC, Inc. has placed a lien against a local church; Greater First Church of God in Christ located in Knoxville, Tennessee. One might think how much money could a local church owe the National for them to place a lien against them? The answer is none; the local church went through the  transfer process (which is why transfers were stopped by the General Board a violation) because they believe there is money to be gobbled up.

There is now a new weapon in the leaderships insatiable appetite for money place a lien on the property and extort money form the local congregation.  This is done under the “Trust Clause”.  Another example of the need for the General Assembly to amend a clause which is noting more than a license to steal.

View Lien as Filed

View Lien Clarification

June 3, 2017


As has been widely circulated, there are charges before the General Assembly against General Board Member Bishop Brandon Porter brought by Deacon Eric McAdams.  Now this Deacon is catching flak for PAINTING PARKING STRIPES ON THE CHURCH PARKING LOT.  Yes that is what I said, painting parking stripes on the church parking lot.  He had painted them about eight years ago at his own expense and because they were faded he decided he would repaint them; again at his own expense.  In a series of texts which I have obtained, Tim Allen who says he is the church manager  has an issue with a Deacon of the church, using his own time and his own money to paint stripes (parking stripes) in the church parking lot.  He wanted to know who gave the Deacon permission to paint.

I wonder if Tim Allen’s job title is really the HNIC.  The two men exchanged a few texts, and then the manager sent a text telling the Deacon “Be a man an [sic] not a punk come out here, an [sic] we see who man.”  Now we have a church “manager” who appears ready to fight because of PARKING STRIPES!!

Tim Allen then sent a text in which he said “Just talked to bishop [sic] Thompson who contacted bishop [sic] Porter an cari [sic], you don’t have permission to paint.”

Deacon McAdams then texted him, “Sir, you are not the leader.  Since you are the church manger…I want to see our church books/ records. As for the Parking Lot, IT’S NOT AN ISSUE.  I welcome BISHOP Thompson or BISHOP PORTER to call me as they ignored our Request to see our records.  God Bless you and I have nothing else to say to you regarding this Matter, as you are not the LEADER. 

I think that must have really made Brother Allen’s jaws tight because he sent a text which said; “McAdams, I just received a message from the top leader of our church, informing me that you are not allowed on church property, due to your insubordination activities this week.  YOU MAY contact Bishop Porter if YOU have questions.  Also photo documentation has also been forwarded regarding painting activities.  YOU welcome to come pick up your supplies. Be blessed.”

Because of PARKING STRIPES this man doesn’t want to fellowship with nor allow Deacon McAdams to come to church because of PARKING STRIPES.  How can church people be so petty they are offended because of PARKING LOT STRIPES, how about using this focus and energy on winning souls for Christ.

At some point General Board member Bishop Brandon Porter sent a text to Deacon McAdams which said; “Hello Bro McAdams… I am getting reports that you are doing parking lot striping, but you did not get clearance to do so.  Can you share with me who asked you to provide this maintenance?  Bishop Porter”

Really, a General Board Member, they must not have anything to do.  This is crazy, about parking stripes which did not cost the church anything!  Perhaps that manager has to justify his salary, maybe if the manager had taken care of the maintenance then a church Deacon would not have seen a need to do it.  Remember, this Deacon painted the same lot eight years ago.

Perhaps this is retaliation for Deacon McAdams standing up for the members in their ongoing struggle with Bishop Porter.  Texas State law says the books must be made available for review.  Why have they not complied with the law?  To get twisted, tangled up and mad about a parking lot!  Most churches would be glad to have someone take initiative and at no cost to the church, provide a needed service.

As you know, the people at Williams Temple contacted Moses Tyson, Jr. to help them with the host of problems they are experiencing there.  Read his take on this issue:

  Read More 


May 11, 2017


Many of you may not be aware of a situation in the Texas Southeast One Jurisdiction in Houston, Texas.  In an effort to appear tough on clergy sexual misconduct, the Board of Bishops has chosen to violate the very document they vowed to uphold.  They then turn around and virtually tell another bishop in New Mexico go and sin no more.  I have obtained a letter written to Moses Tyson by a superintendent in the Houston area.  One of the paragraphs he wrote was so profound, I thought I would quote it here, I will then post the entire letter.

When a body of Believers keeps changing the rules to meet their needs then they lose their God and then it becomes their body and not the Body of Christ or can I say if we were to act like him, be like him and look like him is this what he would act like, be like, and look like,…”

Good Morning Elder Tyson,


On Monday May 08, 2017, I decided to contact Bishop Kirk Thompson to see if it was ok to attend one of the meetings. Because on our website it stated if we had an interest in one of the new jurisdictions we may attend as an observer. So, I called Bishop Thompson and he informed me that it would be in my best interest and that I should attend that meeting to hear what Bishop Tate had to offer. When I arrived at the meeting, they had an area to sign in as an observer.  As the meeting got underway, they ask all of the observers to sit towards the rear of the building and those who were committed in following Bishop Tate to come up front. Of course, I sat in the back because I was an observer. Bishop Tate began to share about the direction of Texas Southeast 1 and the status of his proposed jurisdiction. He continued to share and Bishop Kobe walked in with his group and they introduce themselves explaining to us who they were and why they were there. As Bishop Kobe begins to speak, he wanted to verify that everyone there planned to follow Bishop Tate’s leadership; Bishop Tate told him he might want to verify if everyone attending was in support of this. Then he asked the question. Everyone in support of and following Bishop Tate about 57 out of 58 stood, I was the only one still sitting along with an elder right next to me.

He asked me who I was and I stated, “My name is Superintendent Grayling Alexander of the Rosenberg District of Texas Southeast One”. He asked me if I planned to support Bishop Tate. I told him no, and responded that what he had to share he only wanted to share with those men who are signing on with Tate and then he asked me to excuse myself. 

I explained to him that the jurisdictional website stated that if we had an interest in attending the meeting, we could attend as an observer. He replied by saying that things are progressing or something to that effect, asked me to excuse myself again, and told me I should pray.


I walked outside with the other elder that was sitting next to me in the meeting; we chatted for five to ten minutes.  After I was on the road home, I received a text that I could come back to the meeting because it was explained to Bishop Kobe that I am a superintendent and pastor. Later on, I noticed I received a couple of missed calls from Sister Banks and I believe Bishop Tate requesting that I returned because Bishop Kobe assumed I was an elder and not a pastor.

Here is my confusion and hopefully some of your contacts can help explain:

First of all, I am sitting in the back and when ask to speak I believe every one heard me when I said my name is Superintendent Grayling Alexander–even if he did not at least most of them in the room hear and knew my position in the church.

 Is it standard operating procedure to have closed door meeting of this nature and exclude credential holders who may have an interest in supporting that movement since it is not a fellowship or jurisdiction yet?

How can Pastors call for a vote of their membership and make application to leave one jurisdiction for another that does not exist or better yet, how can someone receive Pastors from a jurisdiction if they are not a jurisdictional bishop themselves?

When will someone comes down and meet with those who are still carrying the banner for Texas Southeast #1 and give us a status update?

I know Bishop Kyles is on suspension until he is reinstated or dismissed, but should he not have the right to attend these meeting as an observer in the event he is reinstated so he can be kept informed. He is a still a bishop credential holder and innocence until found guilty.

Last but least, where is Bishop Charles Blake, he came down to preach to us received offerings for his mission work in Africa, where is he when we are confused, scattered, and discourage. We need a Spiritual father that comes down and minsters to us and feed us with knowledge and wisdom and not through a letter or representative.

I am a fourth-generation Church of God in Christ child, my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother all supported this church.  I have had family members who served as Bishops and State Supervisors.  I am from a family of nine with three Missionaries one who is a District Missionary and three brothers who served as pastors and two as evangelist.  Needless to say, that Texas Southeast First was launched from my home church in Port Arthur, Texas.

Elder Tyson, it seems we have fallen into the “Trump syndrome” (because I am in power I can do whatever I want to whom I want to) as it appears.  I am trying and praying to make some since out of this three-year fiasco or least seeking an understanding if our leaders are truly led by God the Holy Spirit or cash or friendship or favors owed to others or flesh, or self-will and last their own standard of righteousness.   

Please don’t take this the wrong way as if I am judging our leaders but considering the facts and the decisions they are making they leave me baffle about their God. Do we really have to destroy the Kingdom to get rid of a leader (it’s like burning a barn to kill a rat) and trying to convince others it’s okay. Again, I am not calling Bishop Kyles or anyone else a rat just using this as an analogy.

When a body of Believers keeps changing the rules to meet their needs then they lose their God and then it becomes their body and not the Body of Christ or can I say if we were to act like him, be like him and look like him is this what he would act like, be like, and look like, wow

Please try to get some answer for me

Thanks, and May God bless


P.S. the above statements are solely my statements and they do not represent my office of a pastor or superintendent nor are they in support of anyone but out concern for my church body COGIC; they are the concerns of my heart that I chose to share with you my brother Tyson. Again, I am the least one that should question our leaders.


March 13, 2017


Attention All

Jurisdictional Bishops

Who’s Next?


In a stunning slap in the face of ALL Jurisdictional Bishops, the General Board has decided to ration off Texas Southeast #1 Jurisdiction.  Bishop Brandon Porter has sent a letter to the Pastors and Superintendents of the Jurisdiction, telling them on March 14, 2017 they will POLL these men to see if they want to;

  1. Remain with TXSE1st and await the undetermined results of the lawsuits and proposed trials  of Bishop Kyles.
  2. To align with Bishop Johnny Tates, as many of you did months ago, as your new leader in the newly requested jurisdiction by the General Board.
  3. To align with Pastor Destry Bell as he seeks qualification for a second new jurisdiction to be formed from TXSE1st.

It is unethical and a violation of the Constitution of COGIC to punish a Bishop without due process.  At this present time, Bishop Kyles has not been convicted of anything.  The verdict was vacated and the case was remanded to the Board of Bishop for a new trial.  Rule 5 of the Board of Bishops Judicial Rules, paragraph (f) states:

(f) “In all instances, unless the matter is deferred pursuant to Procedure No. 3 or action is extended pursuant to Rule of Procedure No. 1, all Complaints notwithstanding its source must reach resolution in the Board of Bishops 545 days from the date of first submission to the Board of Bishops.”

This charges were submitted to the Board of Bishops by the General Board November 12, 2014.

They are now trying to punish him by this unconstitutional poll.  Why are they only going after TXSE1st with all the other Jurisdictions in Texas, maybe other Pastors want to leave and join these “new jurisdictions”.  This is an attempt to find a back door to punish Bishop Kyles.

Bishops, now every Pastor or Superintendent can now ask the General Board to Poll your Pastors to see how many want to leave you.  This has the potential to bypass the Constitutionally mandated transfer procedures.

The two Bishops in Tennessee and many others trying to form a jurisdiction, can now have the Pastors polled.  Because of this precedent, Auxiliary Bishops who are eager to wear the purple shirt can now request, for the Pastors to be polled to see who wants to leave.  With the ever increasing numbers of Jurisdictions forming will your Pastors be the next group polled.  Contact the General Assembly Chairman Bishop Thuston and ask him to put a stop to this unconstitutional action.



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