Former Chief Justice of The Church of God in Christ Judiciary Board

Bishop Nesbitt has been in Ministry in the Church Of God `In Christ, Inc. for more than 66 years. He has been recognized as a Bishop since 1963. He meets the requirements for being a Bishop as set forth in I Tim. 3:2 and 6.

He graduated from College with degrees in Philosophy and History, finished the School of Religion, Howard University 59 years ago, (the first COGIC student to graduate from Howard’s School of Religion), finished Law School 53 years ago, served as College Professor in Humanities and Fine Arts, served as one of seven Board Members for the 17th largest School District in the U.S. for 10 years, Executive Secretary of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. during the Administration of the Second and last Senior Bishop of the COGIC, Chief Justice of the COGIC Judiciary Board, and multiple other training that qualify him to speak. It might please you to know that he was the First and only Judge of the First and only Ecclesiastical Court of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc., established in the 66th General Assembly (1973) for the purpose of adjudicating the West Angeles Church Of God In Christ, Inc. case where Elder Charles E. Blake, now our Presiding Bishop, was the pastor. That case received nationwide publicity, and Bishop Rimson, Chairman of the General Assembly, presented him by telling the General Assembly that he was appointing a man to handle the case that “knows our Laws and Doctrine and is qualified to judge the case”.  After two days of hearing very interesting testimonies, the Lord led him to render a just decision, and the General Assembly gave him a STANDING OVATION.                  (excerpt taken from page 20 paragraph 2 of the Whole Truth by Bishop Nesbitt)

In this letter,Response to the Constitutional Expose‘,  Bishop Nesbitt gives insight only someone with wisdom and experience can bring.

In this April 3, 2011 letter to Bishop Blake, Bishop Nesbitt ask some very pointed questions.  The letter written to the editor of the Whole Truth is a must read, in it he tells how he rendered a judgement for Bishop Blake when he was appointed pastor.

Read this letter from Bishop Nesbitt written September 7, 2013

Here is his latest letter dated August 11, 2013, written to the  Presiding Bishop, et al  concerning the continued pursuit of Bishop Holsey.

You can read or download the paper Constitutional Rights Expose in PDF.  This is the paper Bishop Nesbitt sent a response to.  

Here are the complete letters on PDF so you can download them.  Also here is a copy of a letter Bishop Nesbitt had written in defense of the last Senior Bishop; Bishop O. T. Jones Sr.

Bishop Nesbitt April 3, 2011 to Bishop Blake
Response to expose
Whole Truth
OT Jones Defense

Letter written on August 5, 2012 to Bishop Blake

Here is the  letter from Bishop Samuel Nesbitt; dated November 9, 2012

We have obtained a new letter written by Bishop Nesbitt, addresses to Bishop Blake, the General Board members, and members and friends of COGIC.  



  1. A TRUE man of God!! What a gem of a person. Glad he is around to lead us in to truth and holiness.

    Comment by leslie cagle — April 5, 2013 @ 5:51 PM | Reply

  2. He was my Bishop and I love him; He’s a great leader

    Comment by Resheda Fedd — April 3, 2013 @ 10:00 PM | Reply

    • We give God the glory to his marvelous grace when our leader is a man of GOD.

      Comment by R.E. Stidham — April 4, 2013 @ 5:36 AM | Reply

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