July 31, 2020

COGIC General Assembly: The Ruling Body

It is time to pay attention to those who are elected or appointed to the various offices in the Church of God in Christ.  We have tyrants whose main interest is money and ruling with an iron hand.

There is Kurt Thompson in Houston who has now filed a lawsuit against Bishop R. Kyles for attempting to take his lawful, rightful place as Pastor of his local church.   Kurt Thompson is the same person who allegedly defrauded a grieving mother whose three children died in a fire.  Kurt Thompson allegedly falsified documents to get at the insurance money.

In his petition he continues the half-truths, lies and deceit which those from the General Secretary, the General Assembly, the Board of Bishops and the General Board have all become proficient doing. Read Petition

This filters down to some of the jurisdictional bishops like Bishop James Scott of Tennessee.  Who has persecuted Pastor Michael Cummings without merit or mercy.  Just as Jezebel found false witnesses, they found false witnesses against Christ, these minions will and have lied for personal gain.  (More on this sad case later)

There is no protection for the average member; there is no one at the national level who will help.  The laws that do exist are perverted in their application.

Even when you follow the letter of the law, they do as Bishop Scott did; they plunge the dagger of deception into the backs of anyone who does not bow down and then run squealing to their friends in high places crying woe is me I was treated so unfair.

There is No justice in the Church of God in Christ, it is mismanaged through cronyism and back room deals.

We must demand integrity of our leaders, we must demand accountability.

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