June 19, 2020

Persecution From Those Who Lead

Much like the brutality that is being played out in the news today, the abuse of church members who for various reasons find themselves in the sites of their leaders.  When questioned, these leaders use deceit and partial truths to justify their actions.  They rely on a lack of knowledge and the fact that many are reluctant to question their leader.  This is plain and simply fear.  These leaders rule by fear, they want you to be too afraid to even question them.

On paper, COGIC has laws in place that should prevent this type of abuse, but because of cronyism it is very rare for any leader to be punished.  Even in the face of documented evidence it is rare.  This gives us a system with no real accountability.  When the Presiding Bishop has had charges pending against him for four years, when a General Board member from Memphis has charges against him, with no action.  When a bishop in Memphis unlawfully excommunicates members and then sues them to recover money legitimately spent on the ministry, and he brags about it. When a pastor in California fraudulently sells church property and the bishop does nothing.  This leads to abuse and a brazen, I can do whatever I want attitude.

In Houston Texas, a close friend of the Presiding Bishop, welched on repaying $45,000 of personal loans from the man he is actively, in defiance of the COGIC Supreme Court, trying to strip away a 34 1/2 years of work.  You may ask why isn’t the church law being enforced.  Because in COGIC the bishop enforces the law and the rulings of the courts.  When the bishop himself is the lawbreaker, they will not punish themselves.  However, they will descend on the average person like riot police at a protest.

I know a deacon raised in Mississippi who said, “I was Jim Crowed in the south, I didn’t come to the church to be Jim Crowed”.  That is it in a nut shell, there are those in COGIC leadership which Jim Crows its own members.


  1. The COGIC Mafia is in full force. Pastor Kyles was a HIT MAN in that mafia too. The thing about the Mafia, when you become a liability to the organization you are eliminated. Because it’s been so long people have forget what Pastor Kyles did to get to this point. Did you forget about the teenage girls he had sex with? Did you forget the Board stripped him of his title and membership of the COGIC? Did you forget this is not his first offense? There have been several. Did you forget E.T. is sick and damn tired of him and his family bringing shame to our church? This needs to be done with. We are tired of being in limbo. We want a permanent Pastor, we deserve a permanent Pastor and we don’t ever want to see any of the Kyles again.

    Comment by Denny Lister — June 29, 2020 @ 9:39 PM | Reply

    • While some of what you said is true, most of what you said is not. The transcripts produced from the trials do not support some of your statements. My interest rest solely on what the law (rules and regulations) says. Was the law followed as the case progressed? What each party said on the witness stand is what is proven, that and was the law followed.

      Comment by R.E. Stidham — June 30, 2020 @ 12:01 PM | Reply

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