June 3, 2017


As has been widely circulated, there are charges before the General Assembly against General Board Member Bishop Brandon Porter brought by Deacon Eric McAdams.  Now this Deacon is catching flak for PAINTING PARKING STRIPES ON THE CHURCH PARKING LOT.  Yes that is what I said, painting parking stripes on the church parking lot.  He had painted them about eight years ago at his own expense and because they were faded he decided he would repaint them; again at his own expense.  In a series of texts which I have obtained, Tim Allen who says he is the church manager  has an issue with a Deacon of the church, using his own time and his own money to paint stripes (parking stripes) in the church parking lot.  He wanted to know who gave the Deacon permission to paint.

I wonder if Tim Allen’s job title is really the HNIC.  The two men exchanged a few texts, and then the manager sent a text telling the Deacon “Be a man an [sic] not a punk come out here, an [sic] we see who man.”  Now we have a church “manager” who appears ready to fight because of PARKING STRIPES!!

Tim Allen then sent a text in which he said “Just talked to bishop [sic] Thompson who contacted bishop [sic] Porter an cari [sic], you don’t have permission to paint.”

Deacon McAdams then texted him, “Sir, you are not the leader.  Since you are the church manger…I want to see our church books/ records. As for the Parking Lot, IT’S NOT AN ISSUE.  I welcome BISHOP Thompson or BISHOP PORTER to call me as they ignored our Request to see our records.  God Bless you and I have nothing else to say to you regarding this Matter, as you are not the LEADER. 

I think that must have really made Brother Allen’s jaws tight because he sent a text which said; “McAdams, I just received a message from the top leader of our church, informing me that you are not allowed on church property, due to your insubordination activities this week.  YOU MAY contact Bishop Porter if YOU have questions.  Also photo documentation has also been forwarded regarding painting activities.  YOU welcome to come pick up your supplies. Be blessed.”

Because of PARKING STRIPES this man doesn’t want to fellowship with nor allow Deacon McAdams to come to church because of PARKING STRIPES.  How can church people be so petty they are offended because of PARKING LOT STRIPES, how about using this focus and energy on winning souls for Christ.

At some point General Board member Bishop Brandon Porter sent a text to Deacon McAdams which said; “Hello Bro McAdams… I am getting reports that you are doing parking lot striping, but you did not get clearance to do so.  Can you share with me who asked you to provide this maintenance?  Bishop Porter”

Really, a General Board Member, they must not have anything to do.  This is crazy, about parking stripes which did not cost the church anything!  Perhaps that manager has to justify his salary, maybe if the manager had taken care of the maintenance then a church Deacon would not have seen a need to do it.  Remember, this Deacon painted the same lot eight years ago.

Perhaps this is retaliation for Deacon McAdams standing up for the members in their ongoing struggle with Bishop Porter.  Texas State law says the books must be made available for review.  Why have they not complied with the law?  To get twisted, tangled up and mad about a parking lot!  Most churches would be glad to have someone take initiative and at no cost to the church, provide a needed service.

As you know, the people at Williams Temple contacted Moses Tyson, Jr. to help them with the host of problems they are experiencing there.  Read his take on this issue:

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