March 13, 2017


Attention All

Jurisdictional Bishops

Who’s Next?


In a stunning slap in the face of ALL Jurisdictional Bishops, the General Board has decided to ration off Texas Southeast #1 Jurisdiction.  Bishop Brandon Porter has sent a letter to the Pastors and Superintendents of the Jurisdiction, telling them on March 14, 2017 they will POLL these men to see if they want to;

  1. Remain with TXSE1st and await the undetermined results of the lawsuits and proposed trials  of Bishop Kyles.
  2. To align with Bishop Johnny Tates, as many of you did months ago, as your new leader in the newly requested jurisdiction by the General Board.
  3. To align with Pastor Destry Bell as he seeks qualification for a second new jurisdiction to be formed from TXSE1st.

It is unethical and a violation of the Constitution of COGIC to punish a Bishop without due process.  At this present time, Bishop Kyles has not been convicted of anything.  The verdict was vacated and the case was remanded to the Board of Bishop for a new trial.  Rule 5 of the Board of Bishops Judicial Rules, paragraph (f) states:

(f) “In all instances, unless the matter is deferred pursuant to Procedure No. 3 or action is extended pursuant to Rule of Procedure No. 1, all Complaints notwithstanding its source must reach resolution in the Board of Bishops 545 days from the date of first submission to the Board of Bishops.”

This charges were submitted to the Board of Bishops by the General Board November 12, 2014.

They are now trying to punish him by this unconstitutional poll.  Why are they only going after TXSE1st with all the other Jurisdictions in Texas, maybe other Pastors want to leave and join these “new jurisdictions”.  This is an attempt to find a back door to punish Bishop Kyles.

Bishops, now every Pastor or Superintendent can now ask the General Board to Poll your Pastors to see how many want to leave you.  This has the potential to bypass the Constitutionally mandated transfer procedures.

The two Bishops in Tennessee and many others trying to form a jurisdiction, can now have the Pastors polled.  Because of this precedent, Auxiliary Bishops who are eager to wear the purple shirt can now request, for the Pastors to be polled to see who wants to leave.  With the ever increasing numbers of Jurisdictions forming will your Pastors be the next group polled.  Contact the General Assembly Chairman Bishop Thuston and ask him to put a stop to this unconstitutional action.



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