March 31, 2015


Four subpoenas have been issued for members of the Church of God in Christ.   In times past COGIC has encouraged those whom have been subpoenaed to claim they are too busy to attend.  Those cases have been filed at the State Courts.

This action however was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division (Federal Court).  The way these subpoenas were issued, a failure to attend could have the U. S. Marshal show up to escort you to the site.  Here is part of the subpoena, below it you can click the links to view the complete documents.Command

Those to whom the subpoenas were issued are;

  Bishop Thuston  Supt. Williams   Bishop Wells    Supt. Saffold



  1. Did I mention that 2 weeks ago that his sister that works in the daycare. Her oldest son is a Krak Dealer her number 2 son a homosexual . She told my faithful son that has never gotten in no trouble attends school full time on a full scholarship. That it’s Time For Him To Come On Over To The Lord’s Side. These so called SAINTS are something else. There family has hellish lives trying to correct others.

    Comment by Leslie Faust Richardson — April 7, 2015 @ 10:04 PM | Reply

  2. This hopefully is the beginning of an era. These so called Bishops and Elders and Pastors. Here in the Bold New City of the South Jacksonville, Florida. Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. Wants to build an assisted living facility and apartments. With the SAINTS money. He won’t tell us the truth about the financial situation of the ministry. We left a paid church to go to a store front. Now the building we are in is Not church but the multipurpose center. He told the Leaders that the daycare (Lil Saints ) owed over $40,000 in back taxes. That’s supposed to be paid by November 2015. The son has 2 children out of wedlock he’s the Jurisdiction Minister of Music and Local only job he has, the daughter is over the finances and other inties that they have under several 501 (3c) , the sister works at the daycare, the wife no job ( she has stated that she hated to work ) That is a normal job that people’s work, Is over the Women’s Ministry. The real Mothers of the Church have been silenced. Homosexuality is rabid in the ministry he doesn’t want anybody to say anything to anybody. The national church won’t do anything. We have written letters and no response or help. How is it that a Pastor has full control over the finances of the Church. And he doesn’t consult anybody about anything that concerns the ministry except his family. He appointed a trustee board yes that’s right he did. And those ignorant folks don’t even knows what that means. Weak mined folks that will say or do anything he tells them to. And yes we are still in a building fund for over 20 years now. We have sent several letters to the new leadership of Cogic and the previous leadership of Cogic. Did I mention that Readus Smith, Jr is in the Jurisdiction now. As commissioner of health. Another crooked person. The only person Bishop GE Patterson fired for stealing from the church. Also yes we sent letters, and court documents, tax information to Judge Perry and the General Counsel of Lawyers no help. So what do we now since no one’s seems to care about the members.

    Comment by Leslie Faust Richardson — April 7, 2015 @ 9:57 PM | Reply

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