July 20, 2013


Reset Your ClockRead this stunning article written by Dr. Lenard Lovett.  The subtitle is “A response to the Trayvon Martin verdict”.  Click on the image to read the Ebook.  Click here to read the PDF. Please Do Not Forget to Reset Your Clock


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  1. I read the article and was taken back at the attempt to compare the Travon Martin/George Zimmerman case with the Emmit Till case. Dr. Lovett goes on and on about turning the clock back and the import that race had in the Zimmerman/Martin case. He seems to only see racism in the court, criminal justice system and in George Zimmerman. He ignores the blatant racism of Travon and Ms. Jenteal and many of the race hustlers (Sharpton, Jackson, etc.) who glommed on to this tragedy like white on rice.

    Of course race was involved. Race is involved in practically everything that takes place in America. As a black man who has been followed in stores, neighborhoods, and public places for no reason other than somebody thought I should not have been in these places, I understand how frustrating and upsetting it can be. That doesn’t give me license to physically attack someone because I don’t like what they are doing. George Zimmerman was wrong for following Travon in the manner that he did. His own racial biases also caused him to ignore the potential for confrontation that he was heading into.

    It is beyond denial that Travon having gotten irritated by the constant following by George Z. confronted him and in the ensuing fight Travon was shot and killed. According to Ms. Jenteal, they referred to George Zimmerman as a crazy @@@ cracker. This is as racist as George Zimmerman’s ‘they always get away’ comment. Why are we so willing to give Travon a pass on his obvious racial animosity toward whites but want to turn the clock back and pretend that George Zimmerman is the only one whose actions were colored by race. Clearly that wasn’t the case. It is a tragedy and a travesty that Travon lost his life behind something like this. George Zimmerman in my opinion is guilty of man-slaughter. He should have exercised better judgment and care than he did.

    Unfortunately, the prosecutor bungled the case and tried to get Zimmerman convicted of second degree murder. There was no way that anybody looking honestly at what happened could have come back with that verdict. “reasonable doubt’ is a tough standard and rightly so. But to liken this to the Emmmit Till case is completely over the top and wrong. There is no comparison. Emmit Till did not confront anyone, he did not attack anyone, and he did not have any animosity against anyone white or black. The men who killed him were guilty of first degree murder, the jury ignored the facts and let the men go free anyway. The attempt to liken this case to what happened to Emmit Till is not well founded and I found it offensive. The Zimmerman jury did not ignore the facts, they ruled on the facts that were presented. Anybody following the trial (broadcast everywhere) can see for themselves that this was NOT and Emmit Till jury. it make me wonder if Dr. Lovett even followed the trial?

    The prosecutor bungled OJ Simpson case and as a result he was acquitted of killing two people in cold blood. When that happened black people across the country cheered. Despite the mountain of evidence that OJ was guilty, it was race once again that determined the outcome. This was an Emmit Till jury verdict! Ignore the facts and acquit because of race bias. Where were the justice for Ron Brown, and Nichole rallies and marches? Either we are interested in real justice or we are not. To cheer the OJ Simpson verdict and condemn the George Zimmerman verdict is hypocritical and wrong. What’s that about ‘injustice anywhere?’ But no, we don’t want to talk about that!

    The criminal justice system in this country has never been perfect, but to complain that the jury make up was not a jury of his peers, is also a complaint that is tainted with the prism of race. A jury on one’s peers does not mean that only black people should judge black people, and white people, should only judge white people, and women, should only judge women, etc. It never meant that and we don’t want it to mean that. I am sure that Dr. Lovett knows this, so his comment about the make up of the jury was puzzling to me’ as well. But that is where we are in this country. We claim we want to talk about race, but do we really. It seems that we want to turn the clock back so we can continue to play the victim and push for even more involvement from the government. (haven’t we had enough of their help yet?) it seems to me that we only want to talk about race as long as you don’t point out how racist some black people are in their views and actions. When we have “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, and “Hymietown” Jackson, and their ilk ‘leading’ the fight for ‘justice’, does anybody dare ask why we should listen to anything these people are saying? No we don’t want to talk about that!

    Now we want to condemn the ‘stand your ground law’. Do we really want to make it illegal to defend yourself? Who will defend us if we can’t defend ourselves? The government? The ‘racist’ criminal justice and judicial systems? The NAACP, the ACLU? Not thanks, I’d rather defend MYSELF!

    Dr. Lovett also pulled out the ‘gun control lobby’ card. At this point his political bias is really begin to show! This had nothing to do with the Martin/Zimmerman case. Making tougher gun laws has not prevented the killing of young black men in Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, or other major cities across this country. I don’t recall any requests for civil rights investigations for all of the black youth killed DAILY in the inner cities of America. With the genocide against our black youth, that is taking place, surely it must be racially motivated? No wait, when blacks kill other blacks it isn’t racist, just another day in the hood? That is racist thinking but that is how we seem to view these things. But we don’t want to talk about that!

    We need to stop looking to the past for answers. This is not the 1950’s and 60’s. We have a whole different set of racial issues now. We live in a day where racism is much more subtle and in some ways much more ingrained in us and in our systems and institutions, than it was back then. We also live in a day where leaders in particular, and people in general are much less moral ( concerned about right and wrong). This is not a good combination and does not bode well for coming up with real solutions. May the Lord have mercy upon us and give us wisdom like He gave our fore fathers.

    Comment by WarrenMa — July 22, 2013 @ 8:50 PM | Reply

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