July 10, 2013

Part II: Bishop Holsey, a case of injustice

Bishop HolseyHere is a copy of the Judiciary Boards Order on the Bishop Thomas Holsey case.  General Board

In its order dated April 12, 2011, the Judiciary Board retained jurisdiction “…for the purpose of ensuring the terms of the November 15, 2010 order …” was carried out (Click here for the complete April 2011 Judiciary Order).  By retaining jurisdiction, (similar to the way a federal court made sure its busing orders were enforced) it was not necessary to make another appeal.  Since the Judiciary Board ( COGIC Supreme Court) retained jurisdiction, the May 29th order brought the case to a close;  click here to read the order Judiciary Board Order 106-11

Bishop Sheard

Or did it?  Here is a copy of a Joint Motion for Reconsideration from the General Board (Uleses C. Henderson Attorney) and the Board of Bishops (Bishop Enoch Perry III and Elder C. Edward Watson are the BOB attorneys) of which Bishop John Sheard  is the Chairman.  Is this similar to the story Nathan the prophet told David about the rich man killing and dressing the lamb.

Normally when a Bishop dies, the Executive Branch comes in, plunders the Jurisdictional coffers and the new bishop starts from scratch.  Is it possible, this is what happened?  Somehow someone overlooked something, and discovered to their chagrin, there were assets they missed?  These are hypothetical questions for intelligent thinking individuals to ponder.  There is a saying, “follow the money”, the answers will be there.

General Counsel Enoch Perry III





Bishop Enoch Perry III (Former General Counsel of COGIC, Inc., one of the attorneys for the Board of Bishops)


Charles E. Watson II





Charles Edward Watson II (Attorney for the Board of Bishops)


uleses hendersonAs a question, is it ethical for brother Henderson to be the Special Counsel to the Presiding Bishop and also the General Counsel for COGIC, Inc.?  This is a question, not an accusation.  What happens if the interest of the Presiding Bishop and COGIC, Inc. (General Board) are different?  Since the actions of the Presiding Bishop require the approval of a majority of the General Board, the possibility exists their interest and desires could be different.



Uleses  C. Henderson (General Counsel COGIC, Inc.)


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  1. Is this the COGIC of or is it an organized crime family? The legal machinations here are deplorable. The attorney for the board is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Bishop Holsey was cleared by the order of Judiciary Board dated 2011. The Board of Bishops now want to say that he didn’t complete the probation successfully, but they never bothered to notify the Judiciary Board until 2013. They want to at the same time categorize his request as an ‘inquiry’ to nullify the order of 2011. They don’t mention even in their ‘motion for reconsideration’ why Bishop Holsey should NOT be re-enstated. The fish rots………. There is something rotten here, and it ain’t in Denmark, it is Memphis!

    Comment by WarrenMA — July 15, 2013 @ 10:23 AM | Reply

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