July 1, 2013


Since 2010, we have heard accusations against Bishop Thomas Holsey of improper use of a Delaware Jurisdictions funds.  This jurisdiction had a reported 4 million dollars in its coffers of which a substantial amount has been depleted.  At first mention, it was rumored Bishop Holsey had converted some of this money for personal gain.  We then find he had loaned a number of people money and had given money for various reasons to others,  (see the letter from Bishop Holsey to Bishop Sheard).  He made a large investment of  $700,000.   It seems like the catalyst for the action against him was  the return of checks written on the Jurisdictions accounts to the National Church for credential holder reports.

Does the action of the General Board signal that all Bishops who write insufficient fund checks are now subject to have charges of misfeasance brought against them?

Bishop Holsey had a total of nine counts brought against him, of that nine the Board of Bishops found him guilty of of one; nonfeasance and misfeasance.  These were combined and considered one count, the fourth of the nine counts brought against him.  He was acquitted of the other eight.

MisfeasanceRead these excerpts from The Whole Truth  written by Bishop Samuel P. Nesbitt.  Click here to read the complete article The Whole Truth

To read the original charges against Bishop Holsey, the order of the Board of Bishops and other documents click here and read the Case Against Bishop T. Holsey.

Whose report do you believe?

Definition from  Blacks Law Dictionary 2nd edition


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