August 19, 2012


Due to the efforts of the Church of God In Christ, Inc. and Kansas Southwest Jurisdiction, at the direction of its prelate Bishop Joseph C. Gilkey and under the guidance of the General Counsel, in a lawsuit filed against the living, charter members of a local church, Emmanuel Church of God in Christ, Wichita, Kansas.  The Kansas Appeals Court has made a finding that the Church of God in Christ, Inc. is the owner of the local Churches of God in Christ.  Even if your church is incorporated, it does not matter.  Here on page 17, paragraph 2, of Kansas Court of Appeals number 104859 is what they said;

This decision has the foreseeable possibility of requiring the National Church to purchase liability, fire, and all insurances required for a corporation on each local Church in every state of the union.  Since the local people are not the owners the owner is the, Church of God in Christ, Inc., the only entity required to purchase insurance.  As the owner, they now have liability for every crack in every sidewalk on COGIC property all across America.  As the owner, they are now responsible for every chicken dinner at every COGIC in America.  These are some of the thorns, in the bouquet of roses the General Board, Bishop Gilkey, and the General Counsel picked when they sued the remaining charter members of Emmanuel Church of God in Christ, Wichita, Kansas.

The Church of God in Christ Constitution requires the National Board of Trustees to “preserve, protect, and maintain all property of the church, not otherwise provided for.” This now includes all local churches.

Do insurance companies know who they have insured?  They think it is the local church, how many insurance policies could be canceled or not honored because of this?


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