July 8, 2012



As reported on COGIC Abuse Watch, Milton Wells, a former COGIC official in Michigan  was sentenced for sexual assault, by a judge from another circuit because;

“At Friday’s hearing, Wells’ attorney, John Beason, asked Berrien County Circuit Judge Sterling R. Schrock to sentence Wells to no more than five years behind bars. Schrock was assigned to preside over the case after the four circuit judges in Kalamazoo County disqualified themselves from hearing the case because they formerly served on local boards with Wells and Wells is a personal friend of one of the judges.”

(Kalamazoo’s MLive news outlet reported the trial and sentencing.  Excerpt Taken from  COGIC Abuse Watch )

It appears the world has a higher standard for its judges than the Church of God in Christ.  In the above mentioned case, the judges have recused themselves because of their association with the litigants; unlike the judge who failed to recuse herself in the Jerry Sandusky case.  The judge served on a local board with the former Penn State football coach, yet failed to disqualify herself, and was later removed from the case.  In Florida, a judge recused herself in the highly publicized Trayvon Martin shooting because of her husband’s association with the defendant George Zimmerman’s attorney.  The secular world does not tolerate the failure of a judge to disqualify his or her self.

In a case that was before the COGIC Judiciary Board in 2008 two Associate Judges required to recuse themselves by the COGIC Code of Judicial Conduct (Cannon) however, chose not to.  In the Michigan case, four judges disqualified themselves because they had served on local boards with Wells and one of the judges was a personal friend of Wells.  Associate Justice F.E. Perry failed to recuse himself in the COGIC, INC. and Kansas Southwest vs. Board of Trustees Emmanuel Church of God in Christ 2008 case, in spite of his 23 year friendship with Bishop J. C. Gilkey, as evidenced by a full-page ad by Bishop Perry in the 18th Annual Holy Convocation in the Kansas Southwest Jurisdiction souvenir book,   dated July 22 -28, 1985 which reads;

“Congratulations to My True and Dear Friend Bishop Joseph Cisro Gilkey Sr.  God Bless You.”     

(click here for KSW  Ad and impeachment petition)

Justice Warren-McKinney also chose to ignore the Judiciary Code of Conduct when she failed to recuse herself because of previous work for the Office of the General Counsel with Chief Counsel Enoch Perry III, who without a subpoena, testified as material witness in the 2008 case on behalf of Kansas Southwest and Bishop J. C. Gilkey.  Justice Warren-McKinney also because she acted as an advisor for Bishop Gilkey and Kansas Southwest at the request of the General Counsel in Wichita, Kansas in December 2004.  In spite of her previous involvement in the case, the Associate Justice, a licensed attorney, failed to disqualify herself

(click here for impeachment petition)

By violating the Judicial Code adopted in April 1993 which was made a part of the COGIC constitution each of these justices have stained the honor and integrity of the Judiciary Board and violated the COGIC Constitution.


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