July 2, 2012


Is it worth giving up your local church property to allow the court to call you hierarchical.  Wouldn’t it be better to tell the court how you want property to be controlled.

For the leaders of COGIC who worked so hard, and who in the civil courts have yelled loudly, COGIC is a hierarchical church there is a cost that you did not count on.  You see, if  all property is held in trust for the National Church and not the local church you now have something that can be attached, confiscated and sold.  For those who don’t think that could happen, remember the case in Washington where the jurisdictions state house was sold to pay a judgement in a sexual misconduct case.   When the Kansas Appeals Court made their finding everyone church from West Angles to Mason Temple could come into play if there were a large adverse decision.  The court also explicitly said that a long-term association with the National Church was enough to trigger the trust in favor of the National Church.  Here is a decision by the Kansas Court of Appeals which is dangerous to the entire COGIC  body.  Here is an Analysis of the Courts decision.

Only the General Assembly can CORRECT THIS TRAVESTY THAT HAS BEEN THRUST UPON US BY MEN WHO LIGHTLY ESTEEM THE WORD OF GOD.  They can tell the civil court we will judge this matter, the civil court will.

Remember Bishop Samuel P. Nesbitt wrote of this issue in this letter.  He outlined the injustice and how it was brought about


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