January 9, 2012


Some time ago in two polls, I asked the questions;

(1) Pastors and members, when you joined COGIC, were you told ownership of your church would transfer to the National Church?

(2)  Do you believe the COGIC constitution is based on the Word of God?

I will address the first poll here, the second in a later blog

There have been 224 responses to question one.  123 or 55% were not told their church would transfer to the National.  53 respondents or 24% were not told but believe their property is protected.  Only 48 respondents or 21% were told their property would belong to the National Church.  I am curious how many of those who said yes were appointees or what.   COGIC General Counsel Enoch Perry III testified in court it is held for (belongs to) the national church.  He also believes each church is held in trust for every member of COGIC ( the entire National church) .

He has advised the General Board and I would think all of the Bishops.  Before you say Eld. Stidham he wouldn’t say that I invite you to look at these excerpts of the court transcript from the 2005 case 05CV621.

The Q preceding the statement is a question asked by an attorney. The A is the answer of Enoch Perry III

As you can see, he states all property that acquired shall be directly deeded to the church on line 10 he says they were talking about the National Church.

On pages 55 and 56 (further down this page) he answers and states just because it was not put on the deed does not make the trust clause void.   In other words just because you don’t have COGIC you are not off the hook.      It is amazing to have 79% of your members not be aware of a policy that lets you literally snatch property if the Bishop decides to do so.   If you are going to do that, be honorable and tell everyone Your property belongs to the National Church.  This does not come from the General Assembly or the Pastors and Elders Council, this is the thinking of some of the Bishops.   The General Council has reinforced this thinking by his statements.

The only way to stop what in some Jurisdictions is a land grab that awards the Prelate with the fruits of your labor, is for the General Assembly to adopt an amendment which explicitly states, “Trustees hold the property for exclusive use of the local membership”.

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