August 17, 2011


Did you know, as a church trustee, there are times you could be held legally liable for the actions and/or statements of your pastor?  There are some who think trustees only pay bills and take care of the money.  That is only part of their responsibilities, read the excerpts below.  If it’s possible to lose your personal assets, shouldn’t you be involved in the selection?  Just as the actions of a CEO can expose a company to legal liabilities, so can the actions of a pastor, volunteer, or staff member.  For a church, that means not only the pastor can have his assets attached, but so can the local trustees.  I know of a case in Virginia where a  warrant  was issued for   a trustee and the individual had to post a bond because of something a Bishop’s designee had done.  With this kind of potential liability, why would any one think the people with the risk should not have a huge amount of input into the pastoral selection.  Anytime there is a chance someone can have their personal assets attached, that person should be able to choose.  The person who “appoints” an individual also assumes large  liability, in the event legal action is taken.  Far to often appointments are made without a background check.

As Bishop Blake said, “We now live in a litigious society…”, it would be wise to protect our local church members so their personal assets are not placed at risk by someone not of their choosing.

This is an excerpt taken from a pamphlet  Liability_Risk, found on the Church Mutual website.


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