December 13, 2010


If you want to find out how far the “Grand Old” Church of God in Christ, Inc. leaders will go to enforce their version of the rules look no further.  The lawyers for the plaintiffs, (that is who initiated the legal action) Church of God in Christ, Inc. and Bishop Joseph C. Gilkey Sr. (Kansas Southwest Jurisdiction) now want to look at all of our personal financial information.   There are some who would say.. we are not asking for that it must be the court.  That is false!!  Anything your lawyer does or ask for in your name you are responsible for, it is as your representative.    The plaintiffs control what their lawyers do, and with one phone call this could be stopped.   Yes, the Church of God in Christ, Inc. is a plaintiff.  This means the General Board is in agreement with Bishop Gilkeys interpretation of the constitution.  Enoch Perry must be in agreement, the Board of Bishops also.  One of the attorneys for the plaintiffs C. Edward Watson III is an ordained elder in COGIC, the first cousin of Bishop William Watson in Texas.  They want everyone to be too afraid to speak up when something is wrong.  Remember, some of the defendants are not trustees.    Makes you wonder if Al Capone would have been a gangster if he had known about this kind of stuff.

Are ye not yet carnal, whereas there is envy and strife and divisions among you are you not yet carnal and walk as men. 1 Corinthians 3:3






  1. This is horrible and we will continue to make it known to the world and all them that will hear.

    Comment by dunamis2 — March 12, 2011 @ 9:58 PM | Reply

  2. I really hate to see that this has and is happening to another church. I have been COGIC all my life and am of a generation who witnessed the pastors and members of ole working together to build a facility with their time, sweat and money, during a time when it was all about the souls and not politics. Our pastor died last year and our trustee’s were in the process of recruiting for a pastor. Our church wasn’t under a jurisdiction at the time of his death. Several months after his death a Bishop has come forth making demands, threatening litigation and has actually filed a suit against one of the trustees. He has demanded we give him access to all our financial records and has requested the keys from some members. Mind you these are charter members. Even though this side where the church property is being confiscated by the church is new to me, some new pastors I know, have purchased land and I was informed that COGIC is no where on any of their deeds, paperwork etc. When I was informed of this I couldn’t understand why, even though they still participated in the district, jurisdiction etc. While going through this experience with my church. I fully understand why. It is really scary because our battle has just begun.

    Comment by R — January 22, 2011 @ 12:49 AM | Reply

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