April 29, 2010

To the General Assembly

WHEN DID THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST INC.; (THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, THE GENERAL BOARD, THE JUDICIARY BOARD, THE PASTORS AND ELDERS COUNCIL, AND THE BOARD OF BISHOPS) sit down and agree to take property from members whose only offense is to not serve under a tyrannical leader .   Since this is the leadership in COGIC, and The Church of God in Christ Inc, is a plaintiff, why are you doing this.  Bishop Gilkey has said the trustees were trying to appoint a pastor.  The only  issue the historic members of Emmanuel have dealt with since November of 2004 was the desire to transfer.  NO ONE can produce any legitimate proof otherwise.   In November 2004 via telephone call, I was told by someone in authority, “only a Bishop can appoint a pastor”.   Since that day, our one sole desire was to transfer jurisdictions.  Everything else has been fabricated and or taken out of context to produce a different story.   It appears Bishop Gilkeys latest plan is to get a civil court, to permanently bar the original members of Emmanuel COGIC  from being a trustee.  They have taken over the corporation, want us to pay rent on the building.  They are having a civil court do this.   Remember, the plaintiffs in this are, The Church of God in Christ Inc and Kansas Southwest Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ.   He does offer us the privilege to be members at the “church” .   I did not know the civil court had the authority to say who could or could not be a trustee.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.

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