December 4, 2009

To the General Assembly. II

After attending the convocation this November 2009, I realized why such energy has been expended toward crushing the members of Emmanuel Church of God in Christ.  We are perceived as a threat to the system.  It has been said if we are successful, to transfer to another jurisdiction without a pastor, then everytime the members didn’t like what a bishop did they could just leave.  I again say this is a battle of  the Word of God versus the constitutionIn the Official Manual, it says the local church is the basic unit in the church.   I don’t understand.  The level of hostility that is directed toward us.  How can we expect to be blessed of GOD when we act as the world does?  When we conduct ourselves as the world does we are disobeying the Word of God.
To those who think they are protected because they are incorporated, or who think because they have a different 501C3 number, read what a Kansas court said in a case Bishop Gilkey initiated and won;  A local church, if it desires to remain independent of the influence of a parent church body, must maintain this independence in the important aspects of its operation, e.g., polity, name, finances. It cannot, as here, enter a binding relationship with a parent church which has provisions of implied trust in its constitution, bylaws, rules, and other documents pertaining to the control of property, yet deny the existence of such relationship. A local church cannot prosper from and enjoy the benefits afforded by a parent hierarchial church, participate in the functioning of that body, and then disclaim affiliation when the parent church acts contrary to the desires of the local church, so as to shield from equitable or contractual obligations the property acquired by the local church either before or during such affiliation. page 8 of  New Jerusalem Appeal 
Not all states would allow this, but except for the LORD, all churches are at the mercy of the character of their Bishop.  The General Assembly is the only body that can correct this.  I ask the members of the General Assembly who is on the LORD’S side?   There is no one who can truthfully, without guile or deceit justify this action, trying to take a church, strip the founding members of the use of the name of their church, all in the name of the Constitution.  No where has the General Assembly stated the COGIC is hierarchical.   The fact that the General Assembly is the only law making body who interprets the constitution and the make up of Bishops, Pastors, Elders, and Lay members speaks to this fact.
As well as Bishop Blakes book where he said it was a hybrid, a combination of Congregational and hierarchical Why I Stood For the Defense In Orlando .  page 4 paragraph 2
Choose Ye this day, whom you will serve.
The poll results so far are 53% no notification, 24% yes, and 24% no, but protected.







  1. Elder Stidham be encouraged young man. Neither God’s eyes nor his ears are heavy in that he has not seen and heard what is transpiring.

    You and I both know that his mercy takes a long time to turn into judgment. If men were connected to him, they would understand that his slow response to their sin is a sign that he is giving time for repentance (Roman 2:1).

    Some will continue stubbornly and die in their sin.

    But should they take his message they wrong way, the road to judgment can become very severe.

    The evidence you have shown is proof that some leaders have become very comfortable with lies and deceit. But stay on your watch and be faithful.

    Comment by gcmwatch — December 4, 2009 @ 3:07 PM | Reply

    • I cannot sit by anymore and not respond. Unless you know the whole story you should not comment. I am a member of Bishop Gilkey’s church. Bishop has made his son the pastor now so he is not the pastor but he still is the Bishop of Kansas Southwest. It would be wrong for anyone to comment unless they were there and know the circumstances around the entire situation. While I am here in Wichita and heard “talk” about the Emmanuel church i or no one should make “false accusations” unless you are involved. Post like “lies and deceit” are not that of My pastor/founder/Bishop. For 20 years i have known Bishop Gilkey to be a man of intergrity and holiness. He is a tremendous man of holiness. Bishop Gilkey does not pimp his people and has given more to his church and jurisdiction probably than anybody. He usually gives all his anniversary money back to the church and for years before he recently moved stay in the northeast part of Wichita, Ks. in a neighborhood known for crime, drugs, and the like…because he is committed to people. I would not stay at a church where the leader is a liar, taking money, or not living the life of holiness. To know Bishop is to love him. Pastor DL, please contact Bishop Gilkey and get his side of the story. That would be the fair thing to do. I have nothing against Elder.Stidham and don’t really know him accept for seeing him at state meetings and state functions. I do know that there is another side of the story. It causes me frustation when people make comments and have not gotten the whole conclusion of the matter…Sometimes decisions have to be made that are not popular. You make decisions in your home with your family and sometimes your household does not like them. Before we pass judgement or give out “2 cents” we should pray first for both parites and not make comments like in this post…using the words “lies and deceit”…Bishop Gilkey is a very fair man. I have seen that in our church. He once appointed a pastor to a church after the dad passed away. The pastor he appointed was not ready and “mess” came out of the situation. Bishop could have given the church to someone else but he was fair. If Pastor DL was my pastor and i saw where someone was lying on him i would defend him if i knew he was right. It hurts me bad when i know that Bishop is a definite man of holiness. I see that firsthand everyday. He has supported me and my family and always been there for us. He often sacrifices his time and money for his own family to help us. Bishop is a fair, honest, and holy man. Trust me…there is more to the story than Elder Stidham is telling you. All I ask is you contact Bishop Gilkey and ask him his side. Bishop will listen. He is that kind of person. I am not on here to blast Elder Stidham, however get both sides and then let’s pray for everyone involved. The bottom line is the church..Emmanuel is suppose to be a saving place for those in need to hear the gospel. Please contact Bishop Gilkey. He deserves to tell his side and why he did what he did. That’s only fair. Thx. Pastor DL for this site. Keep up the good work. If we get the message to the people about Jesus…someone will change their life. That’s what it is all about in the end.

      Comment by Tyrone — December 8, 2009 @ 10:31 AM | Reply

      • I personally would not characterize Bishop Gilkey as pimping his people. I never have and never will. The documents that have been posted speak for themselves. It is good to defend as well as love your leader. You said you have followed him for 20 years, his family and mine have been friends for 53 years. Since he was the Assistant Pastor at Mt. Olive. When this began not only did I loose my father but the one person I thought I could go to for advice and consule, I cannot. I sincerly weep for that loss. I say again, the documents speak for themselves. Continue to love and honor him, continue to pray for him as do I. I do pray for him in the correct biblical manner. For him to be blessed according to the will of GOD. Pray that the will of GOD be done on earth as it is in heaven. My earnest and sincere desire is to dwell in the secret place of the Most High GOD

        Be Blessed my brother

        Comment by R.E. Stidham — December 8, 2009 @ 10:51 PM

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