October 19, 2009

Real Meaning of Hierarchical Government

I want to say, this is based on the latest information I have, if and when I find different verifiable info, I will present it. 

We have often heard it said that C.O.G.I.C is a hierarchy.    They define it by saying this is a church of appointments.   However, there are some who hold the view that the National Church owns all property used as C.O.G.I.C.   You probably think that can’t be true, how can a National Church that doesn’t buy a roll of toilet tissue claim to own all property.   Two things, the trust clause and the claim of hierarchical government.  In the Blue Ribbon Committees Official Draft, of the Constitutional Convention Proposed Amendments, on pg 2, Part II Ecclesiastical  Structure, the second sentence states;  “Ecclesiastically, the Church of God in Christ, a hierarchical organization is composed of the following.”       If that is approved then in the, civil court, we will operate where the General Board and the Board of Bishops will literally control the property and anyone who is a member.  Click on the high lighted  word” New Jerusalem Appeal ” to see the full text of the results of a Bishop in Kansas taking property from people and quit claiming it to an individual New Jerusalem Appeal.  Also click on this  no hierarchical government to gain further insight

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  1. Excellent points you make. This heirarchal government move is just a fancy sounding concept to give COGIC leadership imminent domain powers. With it they can arbitrarily seize church properties without so much as a vote from membership.

    IMO, they need a money source to pay off multiple sexual abuse lawsuits.

    Comment by gcmwatch — October 19, 2009 @ 10:02 PM | Reply

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