May 27, 2009

Cry Loud Spare Not…

  In an earlier blog ( My Story) I gave a little background on our struggle.   I will try and give more details now.

   My father was in the hospital for approximately ninety days before he went to heaven.  During this time, as the Assistant Pastor, the members and I carried on the work.  There were no concerns expressed by Bishop Gilkey there was no fighting, splits or anything like that.   Bishop J.C. Gilkey did not contact us in any way with any concerns or questions, except in one Jurisdictional meeting he asked how my father was doing.  To my knowledge he did not go to the hospital to see my father, my father would have a big smile on his face as told me about the saints that visited him.

In about 2003 my father appointed me as the Assistant Pastor.  My father died Wednesday October 20, 2004, his funeral was Tuesday October 26, 2004.  On Sunday October 31st, Bishop J. C. Gilkey sent Superintendent James Watson to appoint Elder Rondell Love as Pastor,Elder Love interjected and said as interim Pastor.   We were stunned, we had heard rumblings that this would happen but I thought surely a man who at one time had been a friend of the family for almost fifty years would not do this.  The entire membership said that won’t work we have a right to have a voice in who our Pastor would be.  We requested a meeting with Bishop Gilkey.  We were ignored until November 27,2004, during this meeting Bishop Gilkey said, “the appointment was temporary but now it is permanent, and if we didn’t like it, well others have left”.  The membership voted to transfer to Kansas Central Jurisdiction under Bishop B. H. Cunningham who said we were welcome if Memphis said it was okay.  In December of 2004 we sent a complaint to the General Board, we received no response.  Elder Love was recalled on Dec 19, 2004.  In Febuary 2005 Bishop Gilkey filed a civil lawsuit, Ammended Exparte, Ammended Petition,  to take the title deed from the members of Emmanuel and quiet the title in the name of the National Church.  This was done on the advice of the General Counsel of The Church of God in Christ, Elder Enoch Perry III.  When the lawsuit was filed, we sent a letter to the General Board informing him, we recieved no response.   We sent a letter to each Board that had the authority to instruct Bishop J. C. Gilkey to obey the Bible,we recieved no response.  His complaint, stated we the members of Emmanuel were preventing him and his congregation from holding services.  Using this decietful language, he obtained a temporary injunction.   Operating under this injunction, Bishop J. C. Gilkey sent a man out as his enforcer, Elder Edward Bereal who acting as  a bully to tried to force the members of Emmanuel into submission.  For a while we could only be spectators at the church we had literally built with our hands with the help of GOD.  When we, through our attorneys, understood what the injunction said, we refused to bow.  The police were called, and Elder Bereal, under the threat of arrest, he began to hold a seperate service, at our church (because of the injuntion Bishop Gilkey had keys to the church).  For four years Bishop Gilkey or his designee has been holding a seperate service.  As you can see from the Ammended Petition, we were going to be put out.  To the General Board, Bishop Sheard and other leaders, he tried to make appear we were a part of the congregation trying to take over.  Three times he had a different list compiled of people he said were members of Emmanuel.  I can only speculate what the purpose of this was, perhaps to try and stack the vote if another one was taken.  The first list consisted of Elder Edward Bereal and people he claimed was part of his congregation although I saw these people one or two times in two years.  The second list consisted of Elder Faithan Frazier and his congregation who were told Emmanuel would be their church.  The third group and the most troubling, Bishop Gilkey had a member of his church, St Mark C.O.G.I.C. of which he was the founder, Janet Sisney, claim to be the church secretary of Emmanuel, not true, and presented a Certified Member list of  Emmanuel of which some of the people I have not seen before.  The church leadership did nothing, did not respond until in September2006 we recieved a response from the Judiciary Board after we requested an interpretation of the trust clause.

These and other things including illegal things that have been ignored by the leadership of the C.O.G.I.C but they want to enforce the rules that pertain to the “authority of the Bishop”. 

Here is a brief chronology of events, Chronological Order

More to come

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