November 21, 2021

Misdirected Truth

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How do you confuse the General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ? It is not difficult, give them information that is not correct.

We hear many people say “the constitution says” but no one gives the citation or page number so that you can verify the information yourself, if they do, they misquote it or take it out of context.

In the Official Manual, on page 4 the first sentence tells how General Board members are chosen.



Paragraph 1

1. The General Assembly shall elect from among the Jurisdictional Bishops, twelve Bishops who shall comprise and be designated, as the General Board and they shall be Ex Officio Directors of the Corporation.

An election is the manner in which the constitution provides for general Board members to be chosen.

On page 8, paragraph 3 states how vacancies on the General Board are to be filled;

“In the event a vacancy in the General Board occurs while the General Assembly is not in session, the remaining members of the General Board shall fill such vacancy until such time as the General Assembly shall be convened in regular or special session, at which time the General Assembly shall fill such position in the manner as herein provided. A vacancy in the office of the General Secretary, Financial Secretary, or Treasurer shall be filled in the same manner.”

It clearly states “…the remaining members shall fill such vacancy until such time as the General Assembly shall be convened…”

The word “until” sets parameters on the General Board recess appointment. When the General Assembly convenes, does not that word make that seat vacant the instant the session starts.

To not be misled, you must know the truth or you must go to the source and find out for yourself.

Remember one of the reasons the Bereans were more noble was because they searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

When someone says “the constitution says”, ask them for the citation and page number so that you can be honorable and make informed decisions

August 16, 2021

Ambush in Houston

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Has Chairman Eaddy Tampered with the COGIC JUDICIAL SYSTEM?

General Council of Pastors and Elders Chairman Eaddy has “Ambushed the entire Judicial Review Committee (Appellate Court) and thrown them under the runaway COGIC bus. The one who is charged by the constitution to protect the rights of Pastors and Elders has become (with the help of some of those on the Executive Committee) nothing more than (in my opinion) Judas goats. I believe this is an effort to gain favor of those in the upper levels of church government instead of protecting the Pastors and Elders who elected them.

Chairman Eaddys letter is an assault on the independence of the Judicial Process as it appears he is inserting the politics of his office into the chambers of the court.

Although the name is Judicial Review Committee, it is in fact both an Ecclesiastical Court and an Appellate Court. Article V, Section A, paragraph 3 of the Official Manual states “It shall serve as an Ecclesiastical Council to try, hear and determine cases and all other matters referred to it under the Constitution or laws of the Church.”

Also in the Official Manual, Article VIII, Section B, paragraph 2 (h) acknowledges it as an appellate court: “In the event a Pastor is dissatisfied with the decision or decree of the Jurisdictional Elders Council, he may appeal to the General Council by filing notice of appeal within thirty (30) days from the final decision of the Elders Council of the respective Jurisdiction.”

To cc some of the General Board members in his email is more proof of the political nature of the email sent at 1:14 A.M on August 3, 2021.  The certified mailing arrived in Houston sometime on August 2, 2021; it is difficult to believe Dr. Robert Garner, as a member of the court for approximately 10 years would not follow procedures and “go rouge” as the narrative being circulated says.   That is despot 101; throw someone else under the bus so you can keep your sunny Teflon image.

Here is a copy of a letter Chairman Eaddy sent out where he maligned the integrity of the entire Committee. He and the Executive Committee appear to be willing to keep the General Council weak and in disarray with their policies.

And to apologize to Auxiliary Bishop Kurt Thompson who plead guilty the things that have perpetuated this whole fiasco.

Click here to read the Appellate Court

Click Here for a point by point rebuttal

May 11, 2021

The Pursuit of Truth

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Like the nation of Israel was in the book of Habakkuk, the Church of God in Christ, because of treacherous people, is on the cusp of destruction.

O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear? Or cry to you “Violence!” and you will not save? Why do you make me see iniquity, and why do you idly look at wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; strife and contention arise. So the law is paralyzed, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; so justice goes forth perverted. (Habakkuk 1:2–4, ESV)

When Habakkuk cried out to GOD, just as many in the Church of God in Christ have cried out and continue to cry out. From sexual abuse as Miss Kimberly Pollard, to financial abuse like the theft of potentially millions of dollars yet our leaders turn a blind eye.

The Word of God says, they do violence to the law.

Her prophets are fickle, treacherous men; her priests profane what is holy; they do violence to the law. (Zephaniah 3: 4, ESV)

What does it mean to do violence to the law, it means to corrupt it, to make the law say what they want it to say instead of adhering to it. Even in our General Assembly we break the law every session, we misquote and make the law void, both the law of GOD and the law of the land.

We find men who worship the leader more than they worship GOD, who deal treacherously like those in Houston Texas. Who continue to persecute Bishop Rufus Kyles. Men like Terrance Kirk who sent a text placing illegal restrictions on who can attend church. In Texas a church is considered a public building and unless a crime is being committed, you cannot deny access.

What response did GOD give Habakkuk?

For behold, I am raising up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, who march through the breadth of the earth, to seize dwellings not their own. (Habakkuk 1:6, ESV)

In this country, only the court system and the I.R.S. can seize church property. If you listen carefully, you may be able to hear the noise as the Chaldeans prepare to march through COGIC.

Just as when Achan kept the silver, gold and Babylonian garment hidden in his tent, his sin caused the defeat of the nation, sin tolerated among our leaders will cause the defeat of COGIC. Ask our leaders why do they allow sin in the camp.

To those leaders who speak lies and half truths (guile), who steal, and persecute their brothers, who deal treacherously; Truth is coming your way.

April 30, 2021

Kurt Thompson Facing A Trial

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After months of misconduct, Auxiliary Bishop Thompson if now himself facing a trial for the unconstitutional things done to try to kill off Bishop Kyles. The level of persecution that was brought to bear in this case is shocking. The lack of integrity shown by so many people bogles the mind. Who would have thought, hand clapping foot stomping tongue talking preachers would be this treacherous.


He invoked Rule 7 c which is an admission of guilt.

Click Here to read the Case

The double jeopardy trial was held and the verdict; guilty on all counts. It just goes to show you what persecution looks like. When those in the upper echelons of Church government decide they want to persecute and crucify you. If they must pull something out of the air, they will do it. The only way this can be resolved is via a Federal Lawsuit because the rules and laws of COGIC seem as if they are only suggestion.

March 17, 2021

The Persecution of Bishop Kyles

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In what appears to be a concerted effort to completely crush Bishop Kyles, there is another trial scheduled for March 29, 2021 (click this link) for the same case the Judiciary Board refused, the same case in which an investigating committee found no merit for a trial but yet the General Board through Auxiliary Bishop Kurt Thompson continues to grind him into the ground. They let Bishop L’Keith Jones off with a one year suspension after an almost 20 year affair which began when the victim was a minor. Bishop Kyles has not been in his pulpit for almost six years. He has had no income during this entire time. There has been fraud perpetuated by the people the General Board left in charge with Auxiliary Bishop Thompson at the fore front.

The double jeopardy trial was held and the verdict; guilty on all counts. It just goes to show you what persecution looks like. When those in the upper echelons of Church government decide they want to persecute and crucify you. If they must pull something out of the air, they will do it. The only way this can be resolved is via a Federal Lawsuit because the rules and laws of COGIC seem as if they are only suggestion.

Auxiliary Bishop Kurt Thompson is facing a potential trial for his actions taken against Bishop Kyles. It makes you think if the law was violated to get a verdict, the verdict itself must be unlawful. Click this link to see the Thompson Charges from the Grievance Committee

Click on this link to read the heart wrenching letter from his wife who by the way, was kicked out of her office, her belongs placed on the floor in the hallway. She has been ignored by the Women’s Department and ignored by those she thought were her friends.

The three individuals pictured above have had a hand in the continued persecutions of a man who with the Board of Bishops have violated the law at every turn.

Mother Kyles Letter

September 19, 2020


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There has been a battle brewing between the General Board and the General Assembly.  Some members of the General Board would like to close the lid on the General Assembly and keep them in a docile subservient position. They seem to forget, the General Assembly came into being before the office of Chief Apostle (Click this link).  The General Assembly is approximately 108 years old.  The General Board and office of Presiding Bishop is 52 years old.  The General Assembly has existed since the inception of COGIC.  The General Board is the new kid given the executive responsibilities and now like spoiled entitled children, they think they run everything.  Just because you give your children control of their room does not mean the control the whole house.  If it chooses, the General Assembly can abolish the Presiding Bishops office and the General Board however they would have to choose another form of a Bishop led government.

Click here to see Superintendent Jonathan Saffold, Sr. thoughts on the Authority of the General Assembly.


August 17, 2020

Is This COGIC’S Official Position???

As children of God we have been tasked with wining souls to Christ.  The Word says “he who wins souls is wise”.  As an advisor these tweets beg the question is this the Official COGIC response?  We are told to treat others as we would have them treat us.  Is this the level of cruelty that exist at the top level of COGIC?

See what the senior advisor to the Presiding Bishop has posted.


July 31, 2020

COGIC General Assembly: The Ruling Body

It is time to pay attention to those who are elected or appointed to the various offices in the Church of God in Christ.  We have tyrants whose main interest is money and ruling with an iron hand.

There is Kurt Thompson in Houston who has now filed a lawsuit against Bishop R. Kyles for attempting to take his lawful, rightful place as Pastor of his local church.   Kurt Thompson is the same person who allegedly defrauded a grieving mother whose three children died in a fire.  Kurt Thompson allegedly falsified documents to get at the insurance money.

In his petition he continues the half-truths, lies and deceit which those from the General Secretary, the General Assembly, the Board of Bishops and the General Board have all become proficient doing. Read Petition

This filters down to some of the jurisdictional bishops like Bishop James Scott of Tennessee.  Who has persecuted Pastor Michael Cummings without merit or mercy.  Just as Jezebel found false witnesses, they found false witnesses against Christ, these minions will and have lied for personal gain.  (More on this sad case later)

There is no protection for the average member; there is no one at the national level who will help.  The laws that do exist are perverted in their application.

Even when you follow the letter of the law, they do as Bishop Scott did; they plunge the dagger of deception into the backs of anyone who does not bow down and then run squealing to their friends in high places crying woe is me I was treated so unfair.

There is No justice in the Church of God in Christ, it is mismanaged through cronyism and back room deals.

We must demand integrity of our leaders, we must demand accountability.

June 19, 2020

Persecution From Those Who Lead

Much like the brutality that is being played out in the news today, the abuse of church members who for various reasons find themselves in the sites of their leaders.  When questioned, these leaders use deceit and partial truths to justify their actions.  They rely on a lack of knowledge and the fact that many are reluctant to question their leader.  This is plain and simply fear.  These leaders rule by fear, they want you to be too afraid to even question them.

On paper, COGIC has laws in place that should prevent this type of abuse, but because of cronyism it is very rare for any leader to be punished.  Even in the face of documented evidence it is rare.  This gives us a system with no real accountability.  When the Presiding Bishop has had charges pending against him for four years, when a General Board member from Memphis has charges against him, with no action.  When a bishop in Memphis unlawfully excommunicates members and then sues them to recover money legitimately spent on the ministry, and he brags about it. When a pastor in California fraudulently sells church property and the bishop does nothing.  This leads to abuse and a brazen, I can do whatever I want attitude.

In Houston Texas, a close friend of the Presiding Bishop, welched on repaying $45,000 of personal loans from the man he is actively, in defiance of the COGIC Supreme Court, trying to strip away a 34 1/2 years of work.  You may ask why isn’t the church law being enforced.  Because in COGIC the bishop enforces the law and the rulings of the courts.  When the bishop himself is the lawbreaker, they will not punish themselves.  However, they will descend on the average person like riot police at a protest.

I know a deacon raised in Mississippi who said, “I was Jim Crowed in the south, I didn’t come to the church to be Jim Crowed”.  That is it in a nut shell, there are those in COGIC leadership which Jim Crows its own members.

June 21, 2019

COGIC Impeachment Petition

There has been a Petition for the impeachment of a C.O.G.I.C Judiciary Board justice filed last week.  After reading through it I was glad to see the author of that petition followed the Word of God before he filed it.  He went to his brother and was rebuffed, he then took at least two witnesses and was again rebuffed.  Finally as was said in the petition they are now in the third phase.

Click here to read the statement of purpose

Click here to read the petition


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